What is Burroughs B1700 Computer?

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Burroughs B1700 computer is widely recognized as the part of those three series that are commonly known as types of the Burroughs B1000 Series. There are three major generations or you may say series of the computers that were released under the umbrella of Burroughs B1000 Series. One of these generations is commonly recognized as Burroughs B1700 and the other two series are B1800 and finally the B1900.

These series of computer machines were originally launched or introduced during 1970s and the manufacturer continued them for years later on. Initial codename of the research of this in-discussion series i.e. B1700 is being detailed as PLP which was defined with two different terms i.e. sometime it was defined with the term Program Language Processor and sometime with the term Proper Language Processor.
This research process to develop Burroughs B1700 computer series was done at the plant known as Burroughs Pasadena Plant. It was mid 1970s, when Burroughs had started producing the B1700 series for commercial purposes which originally was started in both plants of the company, located at the Liege as well as Santa Barbara, Belgium.

Santa Barbara was the area where majority of the work related to designing the Burroughs B1700 computer series had been completed but the notable designing work which was done at the Liege plant is known as work on the Burroughs B1830 computer series. The writeable control store was the most significant distinguishing point between the B1000 series of computers and the other computers of that era. This writable control store was actually allowing the computers of this series to emulate any other computer system or machine of that era.


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